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Buying a Unit Off the Plan –the Contract – Part 4 Surely we must be almost there! There is after all only so must one can take in about off the plan units. In our final chapter of this absolutely riveting series which has surely kept you on the edge of your seat (or has […]

Buying a Unit Off the Plan –the Contract – Part 3 Our last blog focused on the Seller’s right to terminate (often at any point), along with the fact they may not even currently own the land under which your unit may be built on. We further highlighted the intricacies of material prejudice. This article […]

Buying a Unit Off the Plan –the Contract – Part 2 Our previous article assisted in familiarising you with some of the salient points and considerations with off the plan contracts. We will further outline other important aspects for you to be aware of and to bring to your lawyer’s attention.  Andrew Pine solicitor can […]

Buying a Unit Off the Plan –the Contract – Part 1 In previous articles from the writer we uncovered the intricacies of buying a unit off the plan by delving into the Disclosure Statement and what this document entails. This week, we explore the document you sign after the Disclosure Statement – the Contract of […]

Andrew Pine Insights Contracts – protecting yourself   You have saved a sizeable deposit and are aware of how to minimise your entry costs. Perhaps it’s time to commence embarking on that great adventure towards owning your first home! You start by attending dozens of open homes and eventually find one you like. You put […]