Bharat Parshotam

Principal – Parshotam Lawyers

Parshotam Lawyers was established over 34 years by our principal founder, Bharat Parshotam. Located in 981 Dominion Road in Mt Roskill, our team now services thousands of clients annually throughout Auckland and New Zealand.

Parshotam Lawyers have appointed Shehan Ebenezer as additional Partners with effect from 1 June 2016.

Our vision is to provide cost-effective legal services for our clients and we have decades of experience in wide spectrum of everyday legal matters.

From the day Bharat Parshotam started Parshotam Lawyers, they have focused on providing cost- effective legal services and advice to clientele from all over the Auckland and New Zealand.

We have a strong team of lawyers, each with their own specialty that will be able to help you if you are in need. Our practice is built around a commitment to our clients and in achieving positive outcomes for their legal challenges no matter how complex the issues or how long it takes. Our holistic approach to law allows us to see the challenges involved in cases from multiple points of view both personally and legality be it a case that involves civil law, commercial law or contracts. This allows us to provide good and cost-effective services every day to everyone who is in need.

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