Jim’s Trees Arborists

As certified arborists Jim’s  are recognised NZ Wide as professionals who specialise in tree care and tree maintenance.
Some of the benefits of using a Jim’s Trees arborists include:
  • high industry standards
  • expert knowledge and skills
  • proper tree care
  • dedication and passion to caring and maintaining trees
  • commitment to tree education.
  • compliance and insurance
  • increased property value
  • a service you can trust
  • quality equipment
  • high safety standards


Proper tree care is an investment, are attractive and can add value to your property.

Why Choose Arborists?

An arborist is a certified professional trained in arboriculture or the science of tree maintenance and management. Arboriculture includes the study of how trees grow organically, and how they respond to human interactions such as fertilisation, pest / disease control, pruning and trimming.
An arborist is also referred to as as a tree doctor or tree surgeon due to their expertise in diagnosing and managing a range of tree health issues, prevention and management of tree disease and advising on tree termination (death).

An arborist is recognised as a specialist on the safety risks a tree may pose due to size, pests, disease, proximity to power lines and homes, and other factors.

Speaking to our team of professional arborist is a great way to understand the unique characteristics and specific requirements of the trees on your property.

We can help you make an informed decision about how to safely and cost effectively manage tree health, manage safety concerns, or dangerous tree removal.

Jim’s Trees have been specialising in stump grinding and stump removal for over 20 years throughout New Zealand.

Our arborists can remove trees from your property safely and cost effectively.

Don’t risk your home and property to damage from the incorrect removal of trees by amateurs. Jim’s arborists are qualified and experienced to handle the largest and most inconveniently located trees, including close to power lines.