4 Tips to Ramp Up Your Studying Motivation

It’s 1 pm in the afternoon, but so far you’ve only jotted down a handful of words for your assignment due soon. Three shots of coffee and all the motivating quotes have dried out, but still nothing. You must have lost your motivation along the way. What happened here? 

Well, we aim to give you four tips to ramp up your studying motivation so you can finish any task or assignment on the horizon. To find out more, read on.

Dig Deep and Find Out Why You Have Lost Motivation

The ‘WHY’ behind the situation will help you take useful steps to get out of the rut. Some people get demotivated even before starting a task simply because they do not believe they are capable of successfully completing it. Another group of people feels bored or uninterested in the topic, and therefore, found the study sessions or tasks unbearable to go through. The number of tasks and study topics can become a problem, as some people may find them overwhelming and have lost hope even before starting the tasks. Depending on your situation, your underlying reason for demotivation can be one or all of the above. The first step is always to recognise them. 

Break the Task or Study Topic Into Chunks 

Having to read and understand 50 pages can defeat you mentally before you even start. However, by breaking it down into groups of 10 pages, you may be able to get through it unscathed. The same goes for assignment questions or lecture videos, breaking them down will make them seem less overwhelming and gives you more confidence to overcome them. 

Reward Yourself 

After completing one or two chunks, give yourself a treat. This can be in the form of food, snacks, a 5-minute YouTube video, a song that you enjoy, and many others. Keep in mind to not overdo the treat, for example, if it takes you 10 minutes to finish a chunk, don’t go overboard by rewarding yourself with a 30-minute Netflix episode. Be reasonable and logical when rewarding yourself, as the main goal is still to study and learn. 

Create a Study Routine

As you repeat the whole process of chunking and rewarding, make them a habit by repeating the process for several weeks. Once it becomes a habit, it will be engraved into your routine and it will be easier for you to repeat the whole process over time. 

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