Defence Recruitment Positions


There are a range of different fields you can work within the defence force. Protecting Australian can be very rewarding and with it brings great responsibility. The entire nation is dependent on your performance in your defence role, so being committed to your defence team is extremely important.

Defence positions fall under the following categories:


The Aviation defence department is central to aircraft and airworthy operations. With the key priority of keeping the air force team safe above and at their destinations efficiently. Among the aviation team includes pilots, ground support crew, engineers & technicians, combat specialists and air traffic controllers.

Business, Administration & Education

Among the business, administration & education department consists financial, legal, HR, educational, training and administration professionals. With the Australian defence force being a very significant and complex organisation there are a lot of training and systems which need to effectively be coordinated and managed by these professionals.

Combat & Security

Combat & security are the team behind protecting the military and security personnel, vehicles, aircraft and equipment on the base site. The two groups associate together to provide a significant level of surveillance, protection and security for all on base. It incorporates a lot of intelligence and organisation to provide this protection.

Communications, IT & Intelligence

Technology is driving a lot of the defence force operations, through providing a means of communication and efficient systems. Having professionals specialising in these departments allows the defence team to successfully operate and achieve missions.

Healthcare, Science & Chaplaincy

Listed as one of the most rewarding departments providing the defence team with nurses, dental care, psychologists, scientist and chaplains. The professionals in these defence roles are required to care for the health, development and wellbeing of the defence team.

Other defence job categories fall under Engineering, Logistics, Hospitality & Support, Officers & Management as well as Trades.

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