How to get recruiters attention as a Teacher

Teaching positions are often very competitive, with only a handful of schools being available in your desired workplace area you are sure to be one of many applicants, so it is very important to stand out. A job interview can be very daunting for many people and with nerves taking over it can be difficult to sell yourself and standout amongst the list of applicants. In order to prepare yourself for your education recruitment I have gathered a few tips to help you get that foot in the classroom you desire.


Body Language and Appearance

As a teacher you are required to control and run a classroom of students, so going into your interview in a confident and professional manner is the first thing recruiters will take note of. If you come across as shy, blunt or as an unhappy person it can impact the students within your environment, so make sure you show them your enthusiasm and workplace confidence. Dressing in line with the schools standard is just as important as your body language, it represents who you are so ensure you dress very presentable and appropriate for the position.


Prepare your Teaching Portfolio

Most teachers have the same qualification, and better yet some will have a masters qualification or further education. Irrespective of your qualification it is important to ensure you have all certificates and achievements ready in a portfolio to present at interview. Presenting a portfolio of your qualifications and previous experience will communicate to the recruiter that you are a very organised and qualified person fit for their role.


Prepare Questions to Ask in the Interview

Most often than not you will be asked in any interview if you have any questions for the recruiter, and you should never decline this opportunity to impress them and further communicate your interest in the position. Prior to your interview do some research on the school and position offered, come up with at least five potential questions to ask in case some are answered in conversation throughout your interview.


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