How to promote your business with hashtags

Hashtags can cause quite the debate within the marketing realm. Too many hashtags can make your branding and marketing strategy look messy and unprofessional however if you choose to opt out on the hashtag bandwagon, does that mean you are missing out on beneficial marketing opportunities? Discover how you can use hashtags to your advantage to promote your business. 


Benefits of Hashtags 

Hashtags have the potential to submerge your content and branding into new arenas, expanding brand awareness and creating a unique location for users to track and search specific content that you generate. How? Well it categorises your content, making it more discoverable. 

If you are new to the hashtag topic, do be mindful that there definitely is such a thing as too many hashtags. Instagram frown upon using over 30 hashtags as it then becomes too much like spam and can result in you becoming shadow banned. 


Best types of hashtags for businesses 

Branded Hashtags 

Create a unique hashtag that represents your brand and be sure to incorporate it within every post. Not only does this allow for your audience to easily track all of your content in one place, but it also encourages all user generated content (UGC) to be trackable in one spot (rather than having to go through your tags section) as your audience too can use that hashtag. If other followers can see UCG being shared and highlighted on the company platform, it generally has a flow on effect, encouraging other consumers to generate content as well. #DigitalSquad #DigitalSquadSingapore 


Local Hashtags 

Perfect for small or local businesses who have a physical presence within an area as it allows businesses to capitalise on its surroundings. Local hashtags allow you to be more visible to potential customers within the area. Local hashtags are commonly searched by tourists who are visiting the area, particularly for the hospitality business, such as #MelbourneBrunch. Don’t miss out on reaching this segment of the market. 


Promotional Hashtags 

Consumers go crazy over sales, and quite frankly, we don’t blame them because who doesn’t love a good bargain! If your business is coming up to a sales period, incorporate a few hashtags such as #Sale #Discount or maybe the sale is connected to a particular season like #SummerSale #WinterSale #EOFYSales 


Trending Hashtags 

Quite the obvious one but why wouldn’t you jump on the trending band wagon to boost your brand awareness?! Another option is to incorporate a few recurring hashtags that are commonly popular such as #ThrowbackThursday #MarketingMonday 


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