Different types of flowers for different occasions

Ever been stuck on what flowers to choose to give to someone? There are so many different occasions where you can gift someone flowers but how do you pick the right flower without offending anyone? We have listed some tips and tricks that you need to know for next time when selecting flowers for someone as a gift.


Get Well

The key tip for choosing flowers for loved ones who are not well is to choose flowers that are not heavily fragrant, as this can irritate their symptoms. Tulips, Irises and marigolds are the perfect flower choice.


Birth / New Birth

Celebrating new life? Stay away from flowers with strong scents as these can irritate the new baby and mother whilst in hospital. Next, pick a theme! You can go down the traditional colour route of blue flowers for boys and pink for girls, or alternatively, you can change it up and create a colourful array of flowers which celebrate life. Tulips, orchids and carnations are the perfect choice.



Celebrating something special? Dahlia’s represent change and excitement which makes them a great gift for someone who is celebrating something special. Gardenia’s are another great choice as they represent joy and love. Daisies are also a great choice, representing joy and happiness.


Thank you

When choosing flowers as a thank you gift, you often have the freedom to explore based on the recipients personality, favourite colour and favourite flower. If you are unsure what they will like, stick to the crowd favourite of carnations, daisies and lilies.


Funeral / Grieving

Yellow daylilies are often given in a time of sickness or grief as they symbolise a soul returning to a peaceful state of innocence, which is why they are so commonly used for funerals. If you would rather choose flowers based on their colour and appearance; white, green and blue flowers are the most appropriate flower colour choices as they represent the feeling of peace and calmness which can be comforting for those who are experiencing a loss.


First Date

Flowers for the first date should be beautiful, but not too overwhelming as you don’t want to come across as too eager or bold initially. The perfect flower to give on a first date are orchids, roses or white lilies.



Celebrating a milestone with a loved one? Flowers are the perfect gift to show how much you care. Peonies represent a happy marriage, good fortune and prosperity, making it the perfect gift to celebrate a marriage anniversary. Red Carnations are another good choice, representing strength and commitment.


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