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We all have some time experienced a power outage. Take the power outages caused by lightning strikes as an example. When everything just shuts down, electricians have to solve the issue as quickly as possible. We know that electricians work with electricity, but what do they do exactly? Most people probably don’t know half of the tasks that electricians can handle. We’ve listed some of the most common tasks in this article.

An electrician installs and maintains all electrical and power systems in homes, factories, and businesses. Electrical companies generally focus on either construction or maintenance, although many companies do both. The difference between these is that electricians specialising in construction mainly install wiring systems, whereas electricians specialising in maintenance focus on repairing electrical equipment, as well as fixing and upgrading existing systems. Maintenance checks are extremely important to ensure that the systems are running smoothly and safely.

Here are some specific tasks that electricians handle:

  • The first thing they do is reading blueprints in order to find where everything is placed (such as outlets, circuits, panel boards, and load centres).
  • The next step is to plan the layout and installation of where the wires and other components will go.
  • Add, maintain, and replace fuses, circuit breakers and wires (e.g. replace faulty or aged wiring).
  • Install systems that enable computer, fire alarms, telephones, and intercoms to work properly.
  • Review work that other electricians have done in a building
  • Trace the flow of energy to transformers and circuit breakers.

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