5 Flower Varieties That Are Safe For Your Pets

Cats and dogs are curious creatures, which means that they might nip, lick or even entirely consume the flowers and plants you’ve got around the home. Unfortunately, many plants can be highly toxic to animals, meaning pet owners should take care when choosing flowers. Our Auckland florists recommend the following blooms to pet parents:


A classic beauty, roses are an eternal favourite and also perfectly safe for pets. However, the thorns still pose a risk if swallowed or stepped on.


While difficult to take care of, orchids are well worth the effort. Orchids are available in many varieties and hybrids, most of which are safe for pets. However, make sure to double check whether the variety you’re eyeing is pet-safe.

African violets

African violets are known for their striking beauty, and are available in blue, pink, yellow as well as violet. These pet-friendly blooms are also easy to take care of.


Perfect for adding a vibrant touch to your home, sunflowers are also safe for pets. They can still cause an upset stomach if eaten in excess, but are otherwise a perfectly safe (and stunning!) choice.


Petunias not only add a lovely fragrance to your home, but are also safe for your four legged friend. Try planting them in containers or ground beds to see how easily they flourish.

If you need some professional advice for choosing pet-friendly flowers for your home, just pop into our Auckland flower shop and ask our staff!

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