Australia’s Best Performance Steel- BISALLOY Steel

What Is Bisalloy Steel?

Based in Wollongong, New South Wales Bisalloy steel is the trusted performance steel partner to customers in Australia and across the world. With almost 40 years of expertise it has built up a reputation as a world leading manufacturer of premium quality-assured steel plates. Bisalloy is Australia’s only manufacture of high strength heat treated steel. This is steel that is currently used for agriculture, protection and infrastructure building.

The sole focus of Bisalloy is to produce high strength steel sheets.  This simple product is then focused and optimised to its fullest potential.  Bisalloy understand the customer’s desire for lighter yet stronger steel products. Bisalloy also has operations across Asia and Africa making it a company that truly impacts world economies (also listed on the Stock Exchange). To learn more about Bisalloy follow this link here.   

How Is Bisalloy Steel Made?

The Bisalloy brand has four core values it uses to achieve world class results;

– An innovative mindset

-Customer focus

-Winning team spirit

– Always maintaining professionalism

This shapes the entire manufacturing process of Bisalloy steel.  They are proud to have supplied clients in agriculture, mining, construction, as well as military and defence.  Delivering and exceeding the customer’s needs is what sets Bisalloy apart from competitors.

The Bisalloy steel process is focused on using raw materials and focusing on maintaining the quality care of them throughout the manufacturing process. Also, as a testament to their innovative values large amounts of the process are automated (such as the transporting systems of steel plates by a Laser Guided Vehicle).

The steel is then hardened in a heat furnace, sometimes for up to 3 hours. The plates are then cooled with large volumes of high pressure water. Every aspect of this process is overseen and controlled by highly trained operators.

Each piece of steel has specific recipes to enhance it to the best standard possible; this recipe has been optimised over the 39 year life of the Bisalloy Company. Throughout the process high level regulated inspections ensures the manufactured results are perfect and meet the unparalleled standards of product quality that customers have come to rely on.

All steel sheet products meet the Australian Standards (specifically AS1365).This means the product must be resting on its own weight on a horizontal service. Bisalloy however, achieves a far higher standard than the requirements. Management also lets all personal working on the product at all times know of any special customer requirements needed. Really each steel type is crafted for optimal usage for its requirements. Sheets range from lightweight yet durable (used in construction) to high density and shock impact ready plates used in building the hulls of submarines.

What Are The Benefits Of Bisalloy Steel?

Bisalloy steel has numerous benefits that are unique to the sector the steel is built for. For example Bisalloy structural steel allows for building taller towers and spanning larger rooms while actually reducing construction costs (due to less steel being needed).

Innovation is at the forefront of the way Bisalloy design steel plating.  That is why Bisalloy has worked with numerous high profile customers over the years on projects such as Rheinmetall’s Land 400 Phase 2 Programme (one of the biggest and most expensive programmes in Australian Army History).

But why do people choose Bisalloy? The reason is a simple one. It’s because they are Australia’s only manufacturer of high tensile, abrasion-resistant, quenched and tempered steel plate. This is something that until now had to been imported. It’s also the reason why Bisalloy steel was chosen to create the Collins Class Submarines and Australia’s Bushmaster Vehicles.

Really the steel that Bisalloy makes is suited for numerous industries due to having a high density quality and an ability to withstand massive amounts of abrasion. This makes it both long lasting and incredibly durable (creating a huge lifetime value). This is due to the meticulous quality care and control that is taken when creating it. To learn more have a look at this video on the Bisalloy steel manufacturing process). For more information visit the Bisalloy website here.

To discover more results Bisalloy has gained for its customers we recommend viewing some of our case studies. If you’re looking for expert customer support as well as an award winning product then Bisalloy is here to assist you. Bisalloy can help you revolutionise your project with award winning steel. If you’d like to find out more about what we could offer your company then visit

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