As soon as your company is certified ISO compliant, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) will make sure your operations are examined. This inspection is done every three years. It is merely to ensure that your business has kept up with ISO fundamentals after you received your certification.  This examination is called a surveillance audit. It is usually conducted by ISO registrars or a third-party company. These bodies would review certain required and selected element as defined in your quality manual. They would also hold a surveillance audit to review actions concerning issues raised during the previous surveillance.


There is a training course or program for companies seeking to measure their ISO compliance before an audit. A pre-assessment audit includes consultation. This consultation covers how to correct any nonconformities before the actual review. Such discussion is best provided by an experienced ISO certification consultant or auditors.  Correcting nonconformities is a major ISO 9001 compliance issue. As the business owner, you are left with the choice of either scheduling a one-time internal auditor all of your internal audits for a particular period. A training audit is vital and should not be relegated. At the training audit, a pre-assessment auditor would coach members of your audit team how to go about audit techniques. Therefore, if you must pass an ISO surveillance audit, you should consult ISO certification consultants.


Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS), a company that is well known for their in ISO certification and ISO compliance audit, have assisted in enlisting the basic requirement for ISO surveillance audit. These basic requirements include;

  • Management review
  • the detailed discussion of any changes to your quality-assurance system
  • internal quality audit
  • Strategising necessary corrective action for ISO 9001 compliance.

The management review will inspect those in charge of running the company and determine whether or not each management is working. It also decides how effective the work was done by the administration in enhancing the progress of the company is. It also tells whether or not the management is working in the same direction. Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS) recommends accurate documentation of each management meeting in a minute. According to ICS, It is of optimum essentiality to record all reviews and certification requirement in meeting minutes.

During evaluation of changes to your quality assurance system, your ISO consultant will help you confirm that none of the changes in your operation system strays from ISO policies. It is best you are aware that the same way a poor management review is a significant nonconformance, a less effective internal audit process is also a considerable nonconformance. At a valid ISO 9001  consulting, you would be informed on how to keep good records of internal audits. You would also be advised on how to prove that you took all necessary corrective action.


It is a safety measure to note the actions an ISO registrar is bound to take during a surveillance audit. An ISO registrar would audit some of those processes defined in your quality manual. They will also audit inputs, outputs, and interactions with each of these processes.  Usually, the auditor would notify you of the date or schedule an appointment with your company or business in advance. The ISO registrar would review the required and specialised certification elements. The ISO registrar would also review recommendations made and any findings discussed during your previous surveillance.

For your company or business to successfully pass this surveillance audit, you will have to get a good auditor who will review corrective actions and ISO recommendations with you and your management. This training audit would lay particular emphasis on customer complaints and also correct them. All corrective actions taken should focus on the real cause of the company’s problem. It will also provide a proposed solution and examine the effectiveness of this proposed solution.  

ICS is that ISO certification consultant that will provide the necessary corrective actions on every issue that needs to be addressed. ICS would conduct effective internal audit training and issue audit report to your company. The certification body auditors will check the implementation of every Quality Management System (QMS) to verify conformance to the ISO 9001 standard. A good ISO accreditation consultant will always be willing to take you through your company’s or business surveillance audit. So, why don’t you consider a quality ISO consulting today?

You should check ISO certification Sydney and ISO certification Perth for more details. At ICS Integrated Compliance Solutions (ICS), you would be fully armed for your surveillance audit.

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