How to choose the best slow cooker

Creating that soulful dish goes above and beyond seasoned spices and tantalizing ingredients. Another underrated but key ‘recipe’ is the cooking material, in this case; the slow cooker – a very affordable kitchen appliance that tenderize meals in the slow cooking process. There are also high-priced slow cookers available, but it’s safe to say that even the cheapest one can get the job done. We will look at a number of considerations to ponder when choosing the best slow cooker.

Searching for the best slow cooker for your case, starts with what your pocket can handle. However, when it comes to slow cookers, paying more simply provides more features at your disposal but doesn’t really determine the quality of meal delivered. Outstandingly, the most basic models have seen to outshine the fanciest and priciest ones alike.

The size you need is another crucial factor you need to be keen about. The capacity of a slow cooker is usually measured in litres. So in terms of your need or size of household, slow cookers will be categorized as below:

One to two servings: 3 litres (small)

Three to four servings: 3-5 litres (medium)

More than five servings: 5-6 litres (large)

It should be noted that in order to reap the most from slow cookers, they should not be wholly filled. Instead, they should be filled up to two-thirds of the cooking space.

There are features such as the Indicator light and Programmes that increase the cooking experience when using slow cookers. Considering the pot material is also critical when searching for the best slow cookers. Many models are made of porcelain and ceramic materials. Both of these materials get the job done as they easily conduct heat, however you should look for one that can be easily cleaned as well.

There are other features worth their prices but doesn’t need consideration when you are on a tight budget. Such features includes the Sear function –that browns the meal before slow cooking and the Auto cook setting that heats the slow cooker to a high temperature, which when reached, automatically switches to low setting.

The Timer and the Glass lid are worthwhile features one should also look out for. The Timer comes in handy when you have other duties or you are not at home. Once a cooking-time is set, the slow cooker will naturally prepare the meal and when ready, it will switch to a keep-warm setting hence preventing overcooking. A glass lid lets you follow through the cooking progress without removing the lid which can lead to extended cooking time.

Slow cookers also come in two different shapes depending on the type of meal being cooked. These shapes are round and oval. The oval-shaped cookers are convenient in cooking huge chunks of meat or even a whole chicken, while the round shaped cookers are excellent in preparing stews, soup and casseroles.

Learning about the types of slow cookers available in the market is actually imperative as it will help you land on the best slow cooker that actually meets your need.

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